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A small town in Ohio and a guitar… the ingredients that make up, Clark Manson.  It all began when Manson was 12 years old in his hometown of Covington, OH (pop. 2,500).  A hand-me-down guitar caught Clark’s eye, so he picked it up. A few months (and some country concerts) later, he knew he had found his calling.  Fast-forward some years later and Clark began playing bar shows while attending school. Soon the shows began to spread further and further from his college, but nothing could take the “hometown” out of him.  Writing and co-producing all of his own music today, Clark resides back in his hometown of Covington, Ohio with his wife and their children. The catalogue of Clark Manson reads like a well written novel from his young rowdy beginning, to growing into the loving husband and father he is today - each moment can be felt along a timeline of music.  The next riveting chapter begins in 2020, and we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

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